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Boogie on PS2, DS

Now with 3D glasses.

EA has decided to create two more versions of party game Boogie in time for Christmas, one for DS and one for PS2. Both have an enormous installed-base. Just thinking out loud. Tum-tee-tum.

EA details Wii Boogie

EA details Wii Boogie

Date, tracklist, peripheral.

EA has confirmed that Wii sing-along Boogie will come with its own karaoke microphone when it's released in Europe on 31st August.

The publisher also released a full tracklist for the game, which will include hits from The Jackson 5, Britney Spears, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kool & The Gang.

Boogie is billed as the Wii's answer to the incredibly popular Sony hit, SingStar - a karaoke game that lets you belt out your favourite songs and scores you on how well you perform.

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EA reveals Boogie

Exclusively for Wii.

EA wants to shake your tail feather this afternoon. Failing that, it's announced a new rhythm-based party game for Wii.