Bonsai Barber

GoldenEye creator aims to invent a genre

May be a year before he can talk about it.

Martin Hollis, the designer and director of the classic GoldeneEye 007 game for N64, is taking a break from game development to try to invent a new videogame genre.

The man who made GoldenEye

Martin Hollis on life, another life and art.

12 years ago Martin Hollis, the man who made the original GoldenEye 007, left UK powerhouse Rare 18 months into development of Perfect Dark to travel the States. It was a decision that rose more than a few eyebrows.

Bonsai Barber

Bonsai Barber

Topiary or not topiary, that is the question.

I've just been bollocked by a carrot. In almost three decades of gaming, I think it's safe to say that this represents something of a first.

A little context: I've recently taken up the position of barber in a town apparently populated entirely by sentient vegetables. Being new to this rather specialist field, I foolishly made the mistake of booking an appointment for Reg Wedge on the same day that review code for Batman: Arkham Asylum arrived. When I took a break from Gotham's seedy underbelly and returned to my role as a cartoon legume stylist the next morning there was a snotty missive waiting on my Wii message board.

You didn't turn up yesterday, dude. I can't waste time waiting around for you like that; I've got places to go, canyons to leap!Yours disappointedly,Reg Wedge

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Future WiiWare Games: Top Ten

Log goes to Frankfurt and waggles himself silly.

I've just got back from an exciting four-hour holiday in Germany. I went to Frankfurt, where I was guided into a room full of televisions and allowed to play some of WiiWare's upcoming titles.