Bomberman DS

Bomberman coming to X360

And the PSP, too. Scorchio!

Following his most recent campaign of explosive entertainment on the Nintendo DS, we've just heard that Bomberman is planning to leave his scorch marks on both Xbox 360 and PSP.

Bomberman DS

Bomberman DS

Make things go boom.

In ways, we're amazed that Bomberman has never become a victim of this politically correct era. In an age when whipping out a camcorder in many parts of London can earn you a lecture from a police officer on the dangers of terrorism, when wearing the wrong kind of shoe on a transatlantic flight makes you into a prime suspect for the security forces and when a miscalculated pun could probably see you on the front page of the Daily Mail so fast it'd make your head spin, it's astonishing that the violent pyromaniacal urges of the aptly but terribly inappropriately named Bomberman still pass muster.

Bomberman is simple, you see. He likes making things go boom. He has two pleasures in life. One is to plant bloody huge bombs that make things explode in a fiery maelstrom of death; the other is not getting caught in the aforementioned fiery maelstrom of death himself. In this, he hasn't changed much since the days of the SNES, the Saturn, or any of the many, many other platforms on which he's appeared. It's just as well, too; we're not sure we could handle the concept of one of our childhood gaming heroes, dubious morality or not, having his bombs replaced with more media-friendly water balloons and his named changed to Pansyman.

When we say that Bomberman hasn't changed much since the SNES, we're not kidding. Even if you haven't touched a copy of the game in any of its incarnations in the last decade or so, you'll find little in Bomberman DS that isn't instantly familiar. Your job is to guide a small arsonist around a level laid out in grid form, planting bombs to clear a path for yourself and reveal power-ups, and ultimately breaking through to the sections of map which house your enemies - be they human or computer-controlled - and blast them to kingdom come in the same manner.

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