Bodycount Videos

Digital Foundry | Bodycount PS3/360 Performance Analysis Video

Screen-tear. Lots of it. On both consoles.

Digital Foundry | Bodycount PS3/360 Face-Off Video

Head-to-head comparisons of Codies' debut action FPS.

Video | Bodycount dev diary talks multiplayer

Co-op and competitive blown open.

Video | Bodycount live action spoof vid

Freddie Wong runs and guns.

Video | Bodycount behind the bullets video

Codemasters explores the game's world.

Video | Fresh Bodycount footage takes point

Codemasters talks gun gameplay.

Video | Bodycount gameplay footage shoots in

Codemasters' shooter aims for autumn.

Video | Bodycount takes on Target teaser

Deadly new foe, not U.S. retailer.

Video | Bodycount E3 trailer

Stuart Black's mental FPS.