Bodycount Videos

Digital FoundryBodycount PS3/360 Performance Analysis Video

Screen-tear. Lots of it. On both consoles.

Digital FoundryBodycount PS3/360 Face-Off Video

Head-to-head comparisons of Codies' debut action FPS.

VideoBodycount dev diary talks multiplayer

Co-op and competitive blown open.

VideoBodycount live action spoof vid

Freddie Wong runs and guns.

VideoBodycount behind the bullets video

Codemasters explores the game's world.

VideoBodycount trailer is fully orchestrated

Codies shooter faces the music.

VideoFresh Bodycount footage takes point

Codemasters talks gun gameplay.

VideoBodycount gameplay footage shoots in

Codemasters' shooter aims for autumn.

VideoBodycount takes on Target teaser

Deadly new foe, not U.S. retailer.

VideoBodycount E3 trailer

Stuart Black's mental FPS.