Blur Videos

VideoEGTV Asks: What happened after Bizarre Creations?

Searching Liverpool for the ghosts of Gotham's past.

VideoBizarre Creations' farewell

PGR, Geometry Wars, Blur dev closes.

VideoBlur trailer

Bizarre's Blur let loose.

Digital FoundryBlur: PlayStation 3 Performance Analysis

Bizarre's PS3 racer blitzes our tests.

Digital FoundryBlur: Xbox 360 Performance Analysis

Digital Foundry tools take on Bizarre's Blur.

Digital FoundryBlur Performance Analysis

Four events scrutinised on 360 and PS3.

Digital FoundryBlur Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off

Bizarre's latest gets the comparison treatment.

VideoBlur: Eurogamer score-attacks LA

Tom canes a late-game Destruction event.

VideoBlur: Eurogamer vs. Russian Hill

All the lights, loads of fans. Score.

VideoShooting up Brighton Promenade in Blur

Destruction mode gets a workout.

VideoBlur: Racing through LA's storm drains

Going a bit Terminator in a Challenger.

VideoBlur's advanced tactics

Think in three dimensions: forward, backward and sideways.sideways

VideoDanica Patrick on the basics of Blur

Woman says things, men click.

VideoUnder the hood of Blur's multiplayer

What makes Bizarre Creations' racer tick.

VideoThe EGTV Show: Blur

We visit Bizarre Creations in Liverpool to put Blur through its paces.