Blue Mars

Blue Mars gets beta, launch dates

Blue Mars gets beta, launch dates

CryEngine-powered online life sim.

Avatar Reality has let Eurogamer know that its massively multiplayer virtual world Blue Mars will enter beta testing at the turn of the year, in January 2009.

The first-time developer expects this to last for around three months, before the full game launches in April. And perhaps there will be time for some tea and biscuits if all goes well.

Blue Mars has attracted attention for its impressive CryENGINE2-powered visuals - the same software at the heart of Crysis.

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Blue Mars revealed at GDC

Virtual world based on CryENGINE 2.

First-time developer Avatar Reality has announced Blue Mars, a massively multiplayer virtual world for PC that uses Crytek's impressive CryENGINE2, as featured in Crysis.