Blue Dragon News

New items for Blue Dragon

More things to collect.

Microsoft has piped up this morning to tell us about some fresh downloadable content for role-playing game Blue Dragon.

Blue Dragon dated for Europe

Winging its way in August.

The Hironobu Sakaguchi-produced Xbox 360 RPG Blue Dragon will go on sale in Europe on 24th August, publisher Microsoft said today.

Final Fantasy creator mouths off

"I don't like Ken Kutaragi."

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi reckons the PlayStation 3 is too fiddly to develop for, and that Microsoft's advertising in Japan has been rubbish, is reporting.

Blue Dragon sequel online

Blue Dragon sequel online

Producer points to possibility.

Mistwalker producer Hironobu Sakaguchi has hinted that we could see an online sequel to Blue Dragon.

"We're in talks with Microsoft about development of a sequel," Sakaguchi told Japanese site "Specifics aren't finalised, but there's a possibility that it will be produced as an online title."

It's not the first time he's expressed an interest in the genre, having previously revealed in a GDC conference that he'd like to talk to Microsoft about making an online role-playing game.

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GDC: Blue Dragon in autumn

European release narrowed down.

Blue Dragon will be released across Europe this Autumn, Microsoft has confirmed this afternoon, with September looking the likely month of launch.

Blue Dragon gets free add-ons

Mistwalker RPG boosted in Japan.

Japan's biggest-selling Xbox 360 title, Hironobu Sakaguchi/Mistwalker's Blue Dragon, is set to receive a burst of downloadable content tomorrow at 8pm local time.

Blue Dragon sequel planned

Blue Dragon sequel planned

With first game now finished.

Hironobu Sakaguchi has said that he's already looking toward a sequel for Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Blue Dragon, which is due out in Japan on 7th December.

Speaking to Famitsu, in an interview partly translated by IGN, Sakaguchi also said that Japanese RPG fans who buy Blue Dragon can look forward to free downloadable content in the first few months of next year.

The first game is now finished, he revealed, and will ship on three DVDs - uncompressed, it actually takes up a whopping 30GB of disk space.

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Sakaguchi talks future plans

He's got another project.

Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi has announced that his new Xbox 360 titles, Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon, are coming along very nicely, thank you - and will be in the shops next year.