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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Rockets! Prisms! Clicking! Grooving! Bloons?

It says a lot about the health of the downloadable gaming sector that you could probably do one of these roundups every single day and still not cover everything. As Americans refuse to say, let's do the maths.

Most weeks we get two Xbox Live Arcade games, about five DSiWare titles, a couple of WiiWare games, maybe a Virtual Console addition or two, usually three PSN Minis, two or more full PSN titles, numerous unannounced Xbox Live Indie titles and goodness knows how many Steam offerings. Turn your back on Apple's App Store for a couple of weeks, and you'll be wading through several dozen across iPad and iPhone. Factor in those on other mobile platforms and the endless Flash games and independent PC games, and it's tough just to keep up, never mind try them all out. For any developers who are wondering why we haven't reviewed your game yet, we're doing our best!

With that in mind, we're always grateful for suggestions for gems that we might have overlooked. Take Prismatic Solid: released back in March, the sheer volume of mentions for this game made us finally go and take a look, and it was well worth it.

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