Block Rogue

App of the Day: Block Rogue

You're trapped in a dungeon and you have amnesia: Block Rogue's set-up doesn't promise too many surprises, but beneath the rather traditional fašade lurks a wonderfully quirky adventure. Buzz Monkey's iOS and Android charmer takes elements from the basic Roguelike format (there are a series of caverns for you to explore: how deep can you go?) and throws in the kind of game mechanics that would be more at home in a Sokoban block-dragging puzzler.

Each new room you encounter contains a series of stone slabs and pressure-plates. Guess the drill? You've got it: use the former to weigh down the latter, and then the path opens up for the next room. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

The puzzles are wonderfully playful, the simplest involving nothing more than pushing blocks around and occasionally thinking about the best way to tackle a corner, while the more complicated challenges throw in boulders - they will roll until they hit something - switches, and even deadly laser beams. There's a room reset button as well as the option to unpick only your last move, while the game's smallish screens ensure that things never get truly mind-bending in the first place.

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