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Download Games Roundup

Vorpal! Zeit˛! Darts! Blimp! Swap!

We knew it couldn't last. After the giddy heights of last week's astonishing roundup, we were denied similar excitement this time around. It was tumbleweed on PSN and Minis, complete dross from WiiWare and a solitary XBLA release to focus on, Zeit˛, also available from Steam.

Talking of Steam – the new year blues are still in evidence, with nothing of note at all this year, Zeit˛ aside, so we dug deep into the many interesting Xbox Live Indie titles this week and found plenty worth a mention.

Vorpal stood out as an obvious contender, so we plucked that one out for review. Special mentions, though, for Score Rush, ZP2KX, Chu's Dynasty, Epic Dungeon and Alpha Squad. Given the sheer volume of quality titles coming out via the Indie channel, it's tough to keep up, but it's definitely something every Xbox owner should keep a close eye on.

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