Black Mirror 2

Black Mirror II

Black Mirror II

Through a glass darkly.

You may not remember Black Mirror. I reviewed it, and I still couldn't remember a thing about it. But then, it was seven years ago. It was a peculiar Czech point-and-click adventure, in which you played a wretched man called Samuel Gordon - a character who went around being rude to everyone, leaving you feeling completely alienated from the experience.

Hardly a game to have gone down in legend, it's a very peculiar choice for German developers Cranberry to have created a sequel for. Stranger still, since absolutely no prior knowledge is necessary to follow the story. The "II" in the title can only hurt their chances of picking up a UK audience for what is a quite surprisingly decent adventure game.

Set in 1993, this remarkably long game begins in Biddeford, Maine. You're Darren, a student on his summer break, working in a photography store for a particularly unpleasant boss. Darren's mother, an English woman who brought her son up in Boston, had moved to Biddeford in recent years - a sleepy, uneventful town with almost nothing for a 20-something to do. And this is how things begin - sleepily, slowly, but somehow interesting.

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