BioShock Infinite Videos

Video | Outside Xbox returns to Rapture

Plus: AC Unity wishlist and baffling achievements.

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Plus The Division and video games' weirdest celebrity cameos.

Video | Five things BioShock: Burial at Sea's achievements tell us

Outside Xbox investigates. Plus GTA Online safety tips, Battlefield 4.

Video | BioShock Infinite video showcases Siren

Latest Heavy Hitter enemy revealed.

Video | BioShock Infinite trailer reveals Boys of Silence

Ken Levine introduces terrifying new foe.

Video | BioShock Infinite trailer reveals Handyman enemy

We're all fingers and thumbs in excitement.

Video | Haunting new BioShock Infinite footage

Irrational's airborne epic due next year.

Video | Impressive BioShock Infinite behind the scenes video

With Ken Levine, voice actors and some NSFW words.

Video | BioShock Infinite characters developer diary

Meet the real Booker and Elizabeth.

Video | Bioshock: Infinite Japanese trailer

Elizabeth turns out to be multilingual.

Video | Bioshock Infinite footage shows tears

Windows to other worlds explained.

Video | BioShock Infinite skylines footage

Ken Levine talks rollercoaster shooting.

Video | New BioShock Infinite factions footage

Ken Levine talks Columbia's opposing sides.

Video | BioShock Infinite in-game footage

Elizabeth! Sky rails! Combat! Vigors!

Video | BioShock Infinite reveal trailer

BioShock takes to the skies.