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I love looking at deleted scenes from films, especially ones that tell a story we didn't get to experience in the final cinematic release. For example, there are the deleted scenes from The Empire Strikes Back in which the wooly Wompa runs amok in the Rebel base on Hoth.

Greetings, Eurogamers! As a cloud of Saharan dust sweeps across the UK, the official line is that you shouldn't go outside and exercise too hard. Can do, official line. We'll be inside playing video games, just like we were when the air was crisp and sand-free.

VideoOutside Xbox returns to Rapture

Plus: AC Unity wishlist and baffling achievements.

Welcome, Eurogamers, to your weekly dispatch from the fallen utopia of Outside Xbox. Who knew building it in the centre of an active volcano would be such a bad idea?

Hello Eurogamers! January's over and with it our half-hearted fitness plans. Back to the cosily familiar bum-shaped impression on our couch. And while there aren't that many proper games out, developers seem to be using the start of the year lull to flog us DLC for our existing library.

It's been something of a special day if you're a fan of BioShock Infinite. Irrational gave a little more detail on what to expect from the trio of DLC packs, and perhaps the most exciting detail was that one of them's being released today. Clash in the Clouds, a horde-like mode that repurposes some of Infinite's locales and places a tough emphasis on combat, is out today, and Tom Bramwell's already delivered a review. Ian Higton's going to be playing it himself, so if you fancy an up-close look this is the place to be.