Bionicle Heroes

Bionicle Heroes

Bionicle Heroes

Or, Lego stars at war.

There's a surprise hit every year, and 2005's was definitely Traveller's Tales' Lego Star Wars. It was a game so full of cute touches and heart-warmingly playability that it charmed the pants off anyone who came across it - even those hardcore Star Wars nuts still nursing their wounds about the relative merits (or lack of) of the second trilogy. But let's not rip the scab off that particular wound. Let's talk about happier things.

Humour was Traveller's Tales secret weapon in the two Lego Star Wars games; those silent cut-scenes fleshed out with a raised eyebrow, a grunt or moment of slapstick that made you want to see what happened next, and moreish, kleptomaniacal gameplay that somehow kept you coming back for more, despite its inherent bash n' collect simplicity and an awful lot of 'now-build-this' repetition.

Having seen Lego Star Wars brought back into the LucasArts fold, Eidos has managed to snatch back some of the glory by getting Traveller's Tales to effectively apply the exact same formula to Lego Bionicles - albeit lacking the effortlessly familiar premise of the Star Wars movies, and with characters that many people will have trouble identifying.

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