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Sequels made over 15 years later are notoriously awkward. The Phantom Menace, Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Plastic-Wrap Aliens, and more recently Tron: Legacy have tainted that which we held dear all those years ago.

Capcom's profits plummet

It's Dark Void and Bionic Commando's fault.

Capcom's annual net income is at its lowest since 2004, the publisher revealed today in its annual financial report.

Ex-GRIN devs open new studio

Cry Engine 3 game in the works.

The creators of Bionic Commando Rearmed, Wanted and Terminator: Salvation have opened a new studio and started work on a game it reckons will blow gamers' socks off.

Capcom unveils BC: Rearmed 2

Capcom unveils BC: Rearmed 2

Plus: Okamiden in 2011, lots of DLC news.

Capcom has lifted the lid on three titles it's got lined up for a 2011 release.

Topping the bill is Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds, as reported earlier.

Then there's Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, which sees Nathan Spencer facing a new, "technologically sophisticated" foe named General Sabio. He'll have upgraded powers, including the ability to jump. The game will be released via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network in Q1 of next year.

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Capcom done with Western devs

Japan will make all new IP, says boss.

Disenchanted with long-distance relationships, Capcom has decided to develop all major new game IP at home in Japan. Company president Haruhiro Tsujimoto said he would drop Western studios entirely if there weren't so many games to make with so few resources.

Capcom profits up despite low BC sales

Capcom profits up despite low BC sales

Monster Hunter also "weak" in West.

Capcom is celebrating record summer profits for the three months ended 30th June, with profits at $38.4m - a 23 per cent increase on the same period last year.

Resident Evil 5 broke records to ship 5m units around the world, and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite rampaged to ship 3.5m units in Japan alone. Wii-exclusive Monster Hunter Tri has been pre-ordered 1m times already, and prepares for a gigantic Japanese launch tomorrow.

Capcom also singled out Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth and Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes as strong sellers.

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Digital FoundryTech Comparison: Bionic Commando

The PC version ripped apart in both senses.

Bionic Commando is a great little game, well worth the 7/10 score it received in Eurogamer, but as discussed at length in both Face-Off Round 20 and this more in-depth Digital Foundry article the console versions are something of a mixed bag technically, with varying graphical effects and uneven performance on each platform.

Bionic Commando PC gets release date

Bionic Commando PC gets release date

Swings into shops next week.

Capcom has clarified to Eurogamer that Bionic Commando will be released on PC next Friday, 17th July.

Desktop dabblers can expect DirectX 9 and 10 support, online options, higher resolutions and remappable controls.

But, otherwise, the two-month old gameplay of the PS3 and 360 versions will remain.

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Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 20

Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round 20

Ghostbusters, Prototype, Bionic Commando, FUEL, Wolverine, Red Faction.

We've reached a new Face-Off milestone as the series reaches its 20th compilation-based instalment and with it, Eurogamer is happy to reveal that its coverage has evolved once more. Our comparison features have traditionally been rich with video and screenshot-based assets that are the best they can be possibly be, but with the arrival of this landmark, the brand new Eurogamer HD video player comes into play, giving you the choice of watching either the cropped 1:1 pixel-mapped embedded video streams, or else a higher-quality 720p presentation.

Just click the HD button where appropriate to get the full picture. It's worth pointing out that the default setting for the HD player is 960x540, with the 720p encoding scaled down to fit the window. To bypass this resizing, hit the full-screen button at the bottom of the screen. CPU-rending h264 encoding techniques, combined with running the full 60Hz output of each console at 50 per cent speed, allows us to retain enough quality to make the comparison videos actually work, and now you get to see the full picture. Every frame, every pixel. Nice.

Onto the games then - a six-strong line-up of the most recent high-profile releases. All killer, no filler!

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Bionic Commando

Bionic Commando

Where the wild thing's arm.

What with videogame worlds getting bigger and bigger, it's no surprise that we get correspondingly excited whenever someone comes up with a new way to lob ourselves across them - whether it's jumping between rooftops in Crackdown, zooming along Halo in a Banshee, or swinging around the crumbling remains of Ascension City like Tarzan meets Robocop in Bionic Commando. If we're going to commute between the fun, better to do it in style.

And although it takes a while to comprehend, Bionic Commando's swing mechanic is very stylish. As you fall from the rooftops you make a grab for lampposts, jutting girders and carved-up monorail by compressing the left trigger as they flash past, firing out a grappling hook from your bionic arm and slingshotting smoothly beneath at a matching pace, before releasing to send yourself in a preferred direction. Maximum respect goes to the programmers behind the context-sensitive icon that shows where you can hook on, because the distances are intuitively consistent, and with a bit of application the learning curve flattens out and you're able to manoeuvre swiftly and impressively, and catch yourself when you brush up against the limitations of your own dexterity.

But then, of course, Crackdown wasn't really about jumping between rooftops, and Halo wasn't about zooming around in a Banshee, so Bionic Commando can't afford to be about protagonist Nathan Spencer's impressive Spider-Man antics alone. Instead it's most frequently about a succession of fights that call upon different areas of Spencer's expansive arsenal.

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Hidden option in Bionic Commando demo

Practice swinging around in private.

Capcom has highlighted the fact that there's a private match option lurking in the Xbox 360-exclusive Bionic Commando multiplayer demo released last week.

Bionic Commando

Swinging in the Reign.

Having spent the day playing the first half of Bionic Commando, so soon after falling in love with Street Fighter IV, it's tempting to accuse Capcom of finally getting its act together with remakes. This hasn't always gone well for the Japanese company (Final Fight: Streetwise, anyone? No? Correct), but thanks to the persistence of devoted fanboys within, like SFIV producer Yoshinori Ono and Bionic Commando's affable Ben Judd, the company's on the verge of hitting a rich vein of form. It also helps that in both of the above cases, the big old boxed games have been preceded by excellent downloadable versions strictly mentored by the original source material.

SF IV and Bionic dates unconfirmed

SF IV and Bionic dates unconfirmed

Retail guidance, not release schedule.

Capcom has told Eurogamer that release dates for Street Fighter IV, Bionic Commando and other titles which appeared in the British trade press yesterday were retail guidance rather than confirmed launch dates.

It also denied that a PC version of Resident Evil 5 will be released on 13th March alongside the PS3 and 360 versions, reiterating that it has not announced a PC version of the console game.

Trade magazine MCV reported the guidance list, which is distributed to retailers to help them plan for Q1, and which claimed SF IV will be released on PS3, 360 and PC on 20th February.

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Bionic Commando

The next-gen arms race.

Now that Bionic Commando Rearmed has finally made it onto our Internet (complete with special Eurogamer Challenge Room - did we mention?), it's time to turn our attention once again to Capcom's more expansive, thematically bleaker 3D re-imagining of the series. Developed in Sweden by GRIN with occasional input from some of Capcom's most seasoned hands, Bionic Commando is a cross between acrobatic platformer and third-person shooter, bringing a twenty-year-old, inspired idea into the modern era.

Bionic Commando stories tie together

Rearmed to tease elements of 3D game.

Bionic Commando producer Ben Judd has told Eurogamer to expect elements of the re-imagined XBLA, PSN and PC game, Bionic Commando Rearmed, to fill out the back-story of next year's 3D game.

Bionic Commando

King of the swingers.

Bionic Commando creeps up on you. It has sprawling cities - decapitated by terrorism and disaster, teetering and grinding their way into dust and disarray as you pass across their rumpled asphalt and negotiate accumulated debris - that grumble and mourn their fate quietly in sunlight cooled by their desertion, weeping in bilious dust-waves that crash against the camera.

Bionic Commando PS3 has Achievements

Or equivalents, anyway.

Capcom has said that while Bionic Commando on Xbox 360 will obviously have unlockable Achievements, the PS3 version will have a similar system of Trophies.

Street Fighter IV playable at GDC

So is Bionic Commando. Shiny.

Both Street Fighter IV and the remake of Bionic Commando will be on show at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco next week behind closed doors.

Lara and friends on GfW label

MS promises big 2008 on PC.

Although their existence won't come as a surprise to anyone, Microsoft has announced the names of a few upcoming games that have found their way into the Games for Windows line-up.

EGTV: Bionic Commando

Exclusive trailer.

Capcom has released an exciting new trailer for Bionic Commando, and we've got it exclusively on Eurogamer TV.

FeatureBionic Commando

Swing out brother.

Twenty years. That's an awful long time for a videogame series to lie dormant. Since it appeared in arcades in 1987, and in fuller form on the NES in 1988, Capcom has resolutely ignored its arcade platformer (besides allowing Nintendo to make a Game Boy Color version of sorts, called Elite Forces, in '99).

FeatureCapcom Gamers' Day Roundup

Street Fighter IV, Dark Void, Okami Wii and more.

It ended with a bang. At the first Capcom Gamers' Day to be held in Europe - our own fair capital of London, to be precise - it looked for ten excruciating seconds like the big reveal of an extremely lengthy press conference really was going to be the announcement of a PS3 version of Lost Planet. But we should have known better.