Biology Battle

Biology Battle

Biology Battle

Must... have... child... before... 35.

Oh my God! It's totally incredible. It's the best shooter I've played in ages. Dangerously compelling, beautifully executed, sonically vicious, mechanistically inspired, scarily polished. I can't get enough of it. It's not only one of the best games on the Xbox 360, but one of the best games of the decade.

Geometry Wars 2 is just as good as everyone said!

I only got around to playing Bizarre Creations' shooter opus whilst reviewing Biology Battle, another one of Microsoft's "community games", for Xbox 360. Since they're both Robotron-derived arena shooters, I wanted to be familiar with the apparent state of the art before offering my opinion on the new pretender. On some level, this is unfair - walking into the room with the hottest person on Earth makes anyone look dowdy. On another level, it's revealing a fundamental truth. They're the same price - 800 Microsoft Points, which is just under seven quid. Which one would you want to play? Well, it's Geometry Wars 2, comrades. Unless there's something about Biology Battle's specific take which means that it's worth owning them both. Is there?

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FeatureXbox Live Community Games Roundup

The best of Xbox 360's indie offerings.

When the much-trumpeted New Xbox Experience finally arrived, it didn't just bring us those oh-so-adorable Avatars and the welcome option to install games to the hard drive. No, tucked way rather unceremoniously in the Games Marketplace was the long-promised Community Games section, bearing the fruits of Microsoft's lengthy flirtation with the world of amateur, indie and homebrew coding.