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New expansion for twisted Zelda homage.

The Binding of Isaac

Randomness is next to godliness.

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I adore The Binding of Isaac. I used to play it every day without fail, losing myself for an hour or more in the nightmarish caverns of Isaac's mum's basement. With so many hours (and deaths) racked up, I was alarmed to learn that Chris had never played it at all, so I sought to fix that in this week's Late to the Party.

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will be a Switch launch title in North America

Nothing says wholesome family fun like Edmund McMillen's creepy roguelike The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+, which is now slated to launch alongside the Nintendo Switch in North America.

So far its release has only been announced for North America, but publisher Nicalis, Inc. is campaigning for a European launch too. It's currently asking for retweets on Twitter.

Price-wise, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth+ will cost $39.99 on both the eShop and retail. You can already pre-order it from Amazon and GameStop.

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The Binding of Isaac dev teases new game

UPDATE: Described as "a Mega Man / Isaac-like, but a platformer with really tight controls."

UPDATE 27/07/2016 2.43am: Edmund Mcmillen has confirmed to Eurogamer that this untitled game will be on PC and Mac for sure. Consoles are "a big possibility", but it's too early to confirm anything at this stage.

The Binding of Isaac dev announces The Legend of Bum-bo

The Binding of Isaac dev announces The Legend of Bum-bo

UPDATE: Mew-Genics is "not gunna happen" in the next few years.

UPDATE 24/02/2016 12.12am Edmund McMillen has confirmed to Eurogamer that Mew-Genics has been put on hold indefinitely. Here's his status update on the project in his own words:

"I'm unsure of its future but there is a chance we will attempt to revamp it in a few years with a new design of mine that will push it in a new direction that will hopefully make it more exciting for both of us to work on."

"But sadly till then it's not gunna happen."

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The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth patch nerfs items, will be fixed

The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth patch nerfs items, will be fixed

Dev claims fan speculation about missing content was off the mark.

The Binding of Isaac's latest patch for its new DLC, Afterbirth, has nerfed a few of the game's items in a way the developer hadn't intended.

As spotted on Reddit by user Ashmedai1, "Azazel's damage is almost halved and charge time increased. Box of Friends is four charges which makes the item kinda bad. Glass Canon destroys spirit hearts so it's completely unusable."

These changes may not sound like much to those who've not played Edmund McMillen's comically gory action-roguelike, but they make a big difference.

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The Binding of Isaac's original DLC gets a hard mode

New details from Afterbirth emerge.

Earlier this year The Binding of Isaac programmer Florian Himsl said he would add more difficult "eternal" versions of bosses to the original game. As it turns out, he went one step further and added an entire optional hard mode in an update that recently went live to those who own the Wrath of the Lamb DLC on PC.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting a massive expansion

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting a massive expansion

Dev wants the community to suggest item effects.

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is getting an expansion "that will almost double the amount of things you can do," developer Ed McMillen has announced.

"Once the holidays end, the Nicalis gang will be jumping back into the abyss and digging into the very large design doc I have ready for 'em," said McMillen on the game's official blog. "I have big plans for this expansion, I hope to add a very huge chunk of gameplay in the form of a new game mode that will almost double the amount of things you can do. I'm very proud of this new design."

"Aside from this new game mode the expansion will feature a ton more enemies, bosses, new areas, endings and a new playable character as well as a slew of new unique items to play with," he added.

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Edmund McMillen immortalises his late cat in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

"A great majority of my games were made with him laying his head on my right arm."

It's no secret that The Binding of Isaac creator, Edmund McMillen, really loves cats. His feline obsession is well chronicled in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie, while he and his Team Meat partner, Tommy Refenes, have been collaborating on a "cat lady simulator" called Mew-Genics for the last couple of years. So it's with a heavy heart that McMillen reported last night that his fluffy pal Guppy passed away.

The Binding of Isaac has surpassed 2 million sales

The Binding of Isaac has surpassed 2 million sales

The de-make's unlockable Mystery Man detailed.

Team Meat co-founder and crazy cat man Ed McMillen revealed that his horrific child abuse-themed roguelike The Binding of Isaac has surpassed 2 million sales. Last we checked in June 2012, the game had sold 700K copies since its October 2011 release.

McMillen released this statistic in an interview on the Northernlion Youtube podcast (thanks, Destructoid) where he discussed the game's upcoming PS3, Vita and PC de-make, The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth.

He noted one of the main appeals to the de-make would be that he could escape from the constraints of Flash and enhance some performance issues like the framerate and file size. This means more stuff, like the already announced second expansion that will be exclusive to Rebirth.

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FeatureTeam Meat on cats, consoles, and its wish for Super Meat Boy

Not keen on future consoles, but will develop for Nintendo if Super Meat Boy could join Super Smash Bros.

Super Meat Boy creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes at Team Meat really like cats. While Refenes only has one feline companion, McMillen has four - one of which, the hairless Tammy, played a fairly large role in Indie Game: The Movie, last year's high-profile film that detailed the team's plight as it created Super Meat Boy. Despite this, McMillen isn't afraid to call Tammy "a total bitch". I sure hope Tammy isn't reading this.

FeatureThe Binding of Edmund McMillen

Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac creator talks blood, guts, genitals, Indie Game: The Movie, and why the Bible influenced his violent streak. Also, poop.

While driving to Super Meat Boy and Binding of Isaac mastermind Edmund McMillen's home in Santa Cruz, California, I find myself navigating winding highways to the tune of loud, aggressive ska-punk. The music raises a defiant fist against society's ills and screams of fearless rebellion - and while I don't doubt that the inspiration behind those lyrics is sincere, it gets me wondering: how do people who've hit it big going against the grain and making no secret of their disdain for mainstream society actually live? Do they change once the system starts working in their favor? How do they occupy themselves day-to-day? What are their houses like? Do their cats have fur, just like ours?

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb DLC release date

The Binding of Isaac: Wrath of the Lamb DLC release date

Ghoulish launch trailer for meaty expansion.

Gruesome indie adventure The Binding of Isaac's new DLC add-on is available from 28th May, priced at your local equivalent of $3.

As detailed last month, the expansion, titled Wrath of the Lamb, adds a heap of new content to Edmund McMillen's disturbed Legend of Zelda homage, including six new rooms, 10 new bosses and an extra ending.

See below for a creepy launch trailer or refer back to Eurogamer's Binding of Isaac review for more on why McMillen's twisted romp is worthy of your attention.

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The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac "mega expansion" incoming

The Wrath of the Lamb fleshes out PC curio.

Oddball PC dungeon crawler The Binding of Isaac has a new "mega expansion" in the works.

As detailed by The Indie Game Magazine, it'll likely be titled The Wrath of the Lamb and will sell for your local equivalent of $3.

Details of exactly what the expansion will include are thin on the ground, though expect a tonne of new items, including a full set called Trinkets which offer "passive bonuses". There'll also be a new fortune teller machine which will spit out power-ups.

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FeatureSaturday Soapbox: Was 2011 a Vintage Year?

It may have lacked innovation, but the breadth of experiences made 2011 a year to savour.

A couple of weeks back, Oli told of how he spoke to a friend who believed that 2011 was the finest year for gaming since 2001 - and then promptly disagreed, saying how this year, for all that it's offered in terms of excellence, hasn't really offered anything particularly new. Games are now bigger and better, yes, but that heady thrill that defined gaming's last golden age is now gone.

The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

Randomness is next to godliness.

The Binding of Isaac takes liberties as it modernises the Bible story of the same name, but the gist remains: God is a total control freak.

Our hero, Isaac, is just an awkward kid who wants to play Game Boy in peace. One day, his mom gets a message from her Lord that He'd like her to turn off the TV and kill her son, as a gesture of her appreciation for Him. (Jeez, the ego on This Guy.) Mom grabs a steak knife, happy to oblige the request. That's when Isaac spots a trap door into the basement and takes the plunge. It's godless down there, but at least he'll live.

For a while, anyway. The game's subterranean world is populated by a parade of horrors, like ravenous maggots that lunge at Isaac with teeth bared and incontinent golems who scald him with hot urine. It all would be too grotesque if Binding weren't co-designed by Edmund McMillen, whose cartoony art style turned a skinless lump of sinew into an adorable gaming icon with last year's Super Meat Boy. So yes, the floors are strewn with blood and faeces; damn if they aren't the cutest blood and faeces you've ever seen, though.

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Team Meat's Binding of Isaac release date

Indie PC game The Binding of Isaac will release for PC and Mac on Steam on 28th September.

It will cost $5.

The Binding of Isaac was made by one half of acclaimed indie developer Team Meat. Edmund McMillen is his name. Hello Edmund.

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Meat Boy dev unveils new PC adventure

Meat Boy dev unveils new PC adventure

The Binding of Isaac out next month.

Edmund McMillen, one half of Super Meat Boy creator Team Meat, has announced an extracurricular project – retro PC adventure The Binding of Isaac.

As discussed on his blog, the game "is a roguelike shooter based on the dungeon structure of Zelda (NES). At its core it controls like Smash TV/Robotron in a randomly generated semi RPG world filled with power-ups, items and special abilities."

The game presently has six dungeons spanning three chapters, though McMillen added "in the end we hope to top out at eight dungeons with 10+ bosses and 42 enemy types."

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