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Popcorn Arcade Roundup

Popcorn Arcade Roundup

Salty not sweet.

When Nintendo unveiled its revolutionary control scheme, even the most cold-hearted of gamers turned their heads. We had high hopes that the Wii would be our saviour. This would be a bold frontier in gaming; the first step towards a utopian goal of brilliant games that were intuitive and accessible enough for everyone to enjoy.

That was the hyperbole. The reality is sludge like Popcorn Arcade, or, more generally, the wealth of awful, lazy ports and easy money titles leeching on the Wii's success. Ugly, disfigured parasites growing bloated on Nintendo's proven promise of simple, family-friendly entertainment.

The Wii's motion sensing controls are essentially sound, but it takes skill to implement them, and to implement them in a way that uses the console's unique abilities well. Most of these PS2 ports - which all these Popcorn Arcade titles are - resort to half-heartedly mapping normal joypad controls on there and hoping for the best. Shaking the nunchuk to jump, or waggling the Wiimote to slash becomes an irritating necessity where once a button would have done perfectly.

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