Big Cup Cricket

App of the Day: Big Cup Cricket

App of the Day: Big Cup Cricket

Test Match special.

I don't like cricket. Actually, that's not quite true - I didn't used to like cricket until I stumbled across the majesty that is Test Match Special, the BBC's long-running commentary programme that's at its best when it's discussing anything other than the game.

It's radio that's not just being beamed from whichever corner of the globe that the England cricket team finds itself at the time. It's being transmitted from another time entirely, a world of imperious pork pies and impeccably dressed portly gentlemen, and from an England that seems a thousand miles away from that which surrounds my tower block in East London.

If baseball's about the spectacle and heightening the drama of the moment when ball meets bat, then cricket's all about the pageantry, the eccentricity of an English country fair captured in an afternoon spent getting plastered in the sun.

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