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Hands-on with Rhythm Thief, Bravely Default, Kingdom Hearts, Rocket Slime 3 and more.

Given the number of delightful oddities that came out of Japan when the DS first launched, it's been rather sad to see such a conservative first wave of 3DS software. With that in mind, not to mention the relative paucity of announcements at E3 a few months back, this year's Tokyo Games Show was an important week for the handheld. Would developers finally step up with some serious support for the system, or would the industry place all its chips on Vita?

tri-Ace announces two new titles

tri-Ace announces two new titles

Star Ocean dev working on 3DS and PSP.

tri-Ace, the Japanese developer behind the Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile franchises, is working on two new projects.

According to Andriasang, Japanese games mag Famitsu got the scoop on Frontier Gate and Beyond the Labyrinth, both set to be published by Konami.

The former is a Monster Hunter-esque PSP title with turn-based battles and three-player co-op, due out later this year in Japan.

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