Bet On Soldier

Bet On Soldier dev ditches DJs

Seeks new publisher.

Paris-based developer Kylotonn Entertainment has announced that it is seeking a new publisher for PC FPS title Bet On Soldier, after terminating its publishing agreement for the game with UK firm Digital Jesters.

Bet On Soldier

Bet On Soldier

What's the betting it's any good?

There's a certain breed of PC game in which the opening words elicit an incredulous reaction in a player. That reaction is something like this: "What does that even mean?"

Although apparently spoken by someone for whom English is a first language, the opening sentences encountered inside Bet On Soldier's gameworld lack sense or diction. (This is after the peculiar and disjointed scene-setting sequences and inside the game proper.) If and when you sit and think about how those lines should have been delivered they begin to demystify. But you shouldn't have to decode nonsense: if someone is going to produce a book, film, or game, then they'd better be sure that the first thing people see, read or hear isn't simply sub-literate gibberish.

Likewise, packaging your central character as a kind of Jean Claude Van Damme over-dubbed by Bruce Campbell might make sense in the realms of pulp marketing, but in the land of Actual Reality it comes off as the kind of cheese that is too pungent for even the most malodorous Frenchman's sandwich. So begin the problems for another first-person shooter off the PC production line. Its genes weren't ever going to give it a head start in life, but it looks as if the education and upbringing have failed it too. There's a one-way ticket to the trailer park waiting in BoS' future.

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