Bejeweled Twist News

PopCap co-founder defends EA after worst company in America win

"Gamers may complain about paid DLC, but there has to be something that sits between Farmville and the $60 price point."

EA buys PopCap in billion dollar deal

"Bejewled Battlefield Blitz."

PopCap games half-price this week

Plus: Minkley's Meat Ceiling spotted.

Bejeweled sales reach 50m worldwide

Puzzle game is 10 years old today.

Bookworm and Bejeweled for DSiWare

PopCap's puzzle-brain refocuses.

Bejeweled Twist released

Demo version and 15 quid full release.

PopCap reinventing Bejeweled in October

Puzzler to take "totally new direction".