Trios of PSN games to be bundled on UMD

PSP packs to reach new audience.

Sony plans to offer trios of PSN games on UMD discs starting this October, ensuring PSP owners throughout the land can lay their mitts on previously download-only content.

Bowling, Beats on US PSN

Plus high-def GTA IV trailer.

Sony's latest US update for the PlayStation Network's PS3 and PSP stores introduce a few interesting bits, including the Sixaxis-controlled High Velocity Bowling (USD 9.99) for PS3 and Sony London's downloadable PSP MP3-playing rhythm-action game Beats (USD 4.99), which you may arrived on the European PSP Store at launch.

So what's Beats then?

PSP Store game hands-on.

The Sony PSP Store for the PC launched last night with a downloadable line-up headed up by a PSP version of PS3 titles Go! Puzzle and Go! Sudoku, downloadable versions of UMD games B-Boy and Fired up, and something else - a rhythm-action game called Beats. We had a quick play to see what it's like.