Beat Saber

It's been three years since the initial launch of Facebook's Oculus Rift and this spring, Oculus will be launching two new versions of its headset. Both the Oculus Quest and the Oculus Rift S will retail for 399/€449 each, but after hands on time with both, it's safe to say they offer radically different experiences depending on what kind of gamer you actually are.

SteamVR updated after Beat Saber players reach speeds not thought "humanly possible"

Valve has updated its SteamVR software after Beat Saber players managed to reach rhythmic flailing speeds not thought "humanly possible".

Beat Saber, for those unaware, is a rhythm game in which players don their VR headsets and attempt slash blocks hurtling toward them using a virtual lightsaber, all in time to music. If you'd like something a little more visual, you can see an increasingly sweaty Eurogamer's Ian Higton show off his arm movements in the video below.

As with the best rhythm games, the thrill in Beat Saber comes from reaching that zen-like state in which mind and music meld to the point where physical responses happen virtually subconsciously. Unfortunately, it seems that PC players, perhaps a little too swept up in the music, were successfully managing to reach speeds, as they dramatically waved controllers back and forth, that climbed above the threshold at which SteamVR's tracking system was able to keep up. Cue, in certain edge cases at least, missed notes and much sadness.

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