Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Review

Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise Review

To the beat of a different drum.

Did Nintendo's Wii drown under the weight of its mini-games? If that's true, then the unwitting architect of its destruction was Yoshio Sakamoto, creator of the Metroid series and Nintendo's Dark Mario to the primary-coloured innocence of its better-known star designer, Shigeru Miyamoto.

It was his game, WarioWare Inc. - a rudely creative reduction of the medium's core mechanics to first-principle micro-games, each one five seconds long and with a single word of barked instruction - that kicked up a tidal wave of me-too imitators. No platform attracted so many mini-game collections as Nintendo's Wii, a trend that became an identity, became a fate: shallow, disposable.

Fitting, then that a Sakamoto-produced mini-game collection should mark the end of this console's life, as the Wii makes way for its successor later this year. But Beat the Beat: Rhythm Paradise is no weary swansong. If the mini-game collection has become synonymous with the insubstantial, then Rhythm Paradise very much plays to the beat of its own drum. Its parade of diverse musical stages may have the wild-eyed flippancy one might expect from the offbeat creators of WarioWare, but beneath the lunacy is an unforgiving rhythm action game.

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