Beach Head

Beach Head

Beach Head

That's one big head.

Does Bruce Carver's 1984 best-seller really deserve a place on this collection of C64 classics? In many ways, no, because out of everything it has probably dated worse than anything else from this carefully selected bunch of gaming relics.

Even the most hardened C64 apologist would have to concede that the graphics look terrible, and most of the five mini-games which make up the game aren't all that great either. So why are we letting it stink the place up?

Good question, I'm glad you asked. I guess it's a question of context. At the time the game was written in late 1983, 8-bit game development - especially for home computers - was only just starting to get fully into its stride, and the majority of games were still in thrall of what was going on in the arcades. Either you had a game shamelessly ripping off a popular game, or...a whole lot of rubbish.

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