Battleship Review

Battleship Review

That sinking feeling.

At first glance, Activision's Battleship feels like a high-concept satirical joke aimed at the video game industry. It's not only a movie tie-in, but a game based on a movie based on a board game based on a pen and paper game. More than that, the original game, which is world famous for its guesswork and mild strategy, has been transformed into a first-person shooter. A first-person shooter that plays out like a low-rent Halo, and lazily indulges every genre cliché you can think of.

So it comes to pass that you are an anonymous explosives expert, trapped on a Hawaiian archipelago when aliens invade Earth. It's your job to tromp from waypoint to waypoint, shooting these aliens and occasionally holding down the X button to activate things, deactivate things or place C4 charges to blow things up. In gameplay terms, it's about as thin and rudimentary as an FPS can get while still retaining the right to be called a game.

Control is a tad sluggish, aiming is a little skittish, but neither are ever bad enough to become a persistent problem. They peck at you instead, reminding you of the game's obvious rushed development and cost-cutting production. This cheapness of intent is apparent throughout.

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