Battlefield Heroes News

EA shutting down four F2P PC games

Battlefield Heroes, Battlefield Play4Free, Need for Speed World and FIFA World.

Battlefield Heroes turns three, EA releases new virtual items

New map, new virtual clothes, Treasure Chest Key.

EA resets gamer passwords after hacks

It's "helpful" to change passwords regularly.

EA restores Battlefield Heroes after hack

Reckons credit card numbers are safe.

LulzSec disbands with parting hack

Battlefield Heroes beta accounts leaked.

Battlefield Heroes registers 7 million

Use your Eisenhower bout that?

EA to donate nearly £6k to Child’s Play

Battlefield Heroes charity drive works.

BF Heroes raises £2.5k for Child's Play

Sale of virtual outfits makes the difference.

Battlefield Heroes Xmas event launched

New items and Battlefield Play4Free link.

Battlefield Heroes gets MOH items

Plus new weapons and a map.

New Battlefield Heroes items for sale

And we've got a code for them.

BF Heroes offers anniversary perks

Free boosts and discounted money.

Jetpacks arrive in Battlefield Heroes

New map and mode on offer too.

BFBC2 content added to BF: Heroes

Costs an arm and a moustache.

Battlefield Heroes hits 3m players mark

Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, etc.

Battlefield Heroes pricing restructured

Free shooter just got a lot less free.

Battlefield Heroes has 2 million users

Heroes of the Fall update next week.

Big Battlefield: Heroes update soon

Gunner revamp and ranks revealed.

Battlefield Heroes hits 1m registrations

Customisation the key, reckons DICE.

Michael Jackson outfits for BF Heroes

Available this month for free-hee!

Battlefield Heroes finally goes live

Web-based and free! Tally ho!

Battlefield Heroes beta restarts today

Web improvements, currency, new maps.

Battlefield Heroes beta re-opens

Next bout of testing to begin soon.

Battlefield Heroes pushed back to 09

Beta shuts down today, returns next year.

BF Heroes effectively "already out"

DICE to slowly, significantly expand beta.

EA delays Battlefield Heroes, Tiberium

Riccitiello continues quality drive.

DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

Battlefield: Heroes beta sign-ups begin

Go, go, go! Save the cheerleader!

Battlefield Heroes beta in May

Will you be Royal or National?

PC market dying is a "crazy idea"

DICE talks up Battlefield Heroes.

EA extends Massive in-game ad deal

Benefiting NFS, NBA, NHL, Burnout.

Game Announcements - 17th to 23rd Jan

Larry, Battlefield and a .45.

New Battlefield turns to casual masses

"Play 4 Free," says EA. With ads.