Battlefield: Bad Company News

Castle Crashers tops XBLA chart for '08

Halo 3 takes multiplayer crown.

In a fit of festive good cheer, in no way inspired by self-promotion, Microsoft has released figures for the most played Live and Live Arcade titles of 2008.

BF Bad Company getting Trophies

Plus, Conquest election winners.

EA and DICE have announced that Battlefield: Bad Company will be patched with Trophy support on PlayStation 3 during a future round of fixes.

Japanese charts: Afrika riding high

Safari so good for PS3 animal-photo game.

Afrika almost became king of the Japanese chart-jungle this week, but was beaten to the throne by quirky DS music game Rhythm Tengoku Gold (Rhythm Heaven here).

Vote for new Bad Company maps

Help narrow six down to two.

EA wants you to vote for the Battlefield: Bad Company single-player level you would like turned into a multiplayer Conquest map.

UK charts: Smash Bros. is smash hit

Muscles way to No. 1. Full top 40 inside.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl has headbutted its way to the top of the UK all formats chart this week, thumping previous leader LEGO Indiana Jones down to three.

DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

DICE exec Ben Cousins has confirmed that the team is currently working on no less than five titles in its Battlefield franchise, according to

EA boss on why reviews are frustrating

EA boss on why reviews are frustrating

Reckons Bad Company's worth at least 7.

EA boss John Riccitiello has said he will be upset if Battlefield: Bad Company gets less than 7/10 when it comes out later this month.

He feels the game, along with Mercenaries 2, Dead Space and Spore, are probably the best examples of EA titles that should rate highly this year.

"If I move to the games line-up, I am really proud of Mercenaries. I am really proud of Bad Company; I'd be disappointed if it was below high 70s. It is a really good game," said Riccitiello during a stock conference.

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Battlefield: Bad Company patch tomorrow

DICE will be deploying the first patch for the Battlefield: Bad Company demo tomorrow, which aims to put an end to statistic problems that stop you seeing how many people you've shot in the face and so on.

The developer says it's "working around the clock" to address other issues such as game freezes, and wants your feedback to help it get to the heart of the issue more quickly.

Other problems include Europeans being shunted onto US servers, although hosts will now be sorted by ping so you should get local games first.

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Battlefield: Bad Company demo in June

PS3 and 360, with single-player and online.

EA and DICE are busy applying the finishing pixels to an upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company demo, which will be out on PSN and Xbox Live on 5th June.

Bad Company confirmed

Bad Company confirmed

EA officially unveils.

As promised, Electronic Arts has officially unveiled Digital Illusions' latest title for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Called Battlefield: Bad Company, it promises to bring a single-player focus to the series most renowned for its online game, and it's due out in 2007.

In a story reminiscent of 1999's Three Kings movie, players are dropped behind enemy lines with a squad of renegade soldiers on a personal quest for gold and revenge.

EA promises a "deep, cinematic" single-player game full of dark humour, as well as almost completely destructible environments thanks to DICE's Frostbite game engine.

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Battlefield takes to PS3, X360

Bad Company makes solo strides.

Electronic Arts is primed to reveal details of DICE's Battlefield: Bad Company, with US mag GameInformer previewing the previously unannounced game in its September issue.