Battlefield 3 Features

Jelly Deals | Battlefield 3 is free to anybody with Amazon Prime

A giveaway as part of the "Prime Gaming" service.

Feature | After Xbox One U-turn pre-owned is back on the table - but at what cost?

Mixed opinions on the complex issue of second-hand sales.

Feature | Battlefield 3: the state of play

Is BF3 now finally the game it should have been at launch? DICE discusses.

Feature | The truth behind retailer-exclusive pre-order extras

Why stores do it and what it means for gamers.

Podcast | Podcast #93: Back to Karkand Special

Champ, Brammers and Porkface get stuck into Battlefield 3's DLC.

Digital Foundry | Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

Digital Foundry on how the real battle lies ahead.

Feature | Why we missed the Battlefield 3 review embargo

Code delivered late, huge day-one patch.

Feature | Battlefield 3 Interview: Rolling the DICE

On the eve of launch, DICE addresses single-player and online pass concerns.

Digital Foundry | Digital Foundry vs. Console Battlefield 3

Technical analysis of campaign and multiplayer code revealed to date.

Feature | EG Expo Game of the Show: The Nominees

10 contenders from the Earls Court show floor.

Feature | Eurogamer Readers vs. Battlefield 3

Our guys report from the frontline at DICE in Sweden.

Feature | Battlefield 3

We visit DICE to see a new mission - Operation Guillotine.

Feature | Andy McNab and Battlefield 3

"These guys know what they're doing."

Feature | Eurogamer's Best of E3 2011

Game of the Show, Best Tech, Best Publisher and more.

Feature | Cheap This Week - 09/06/11

Arkham City! Mass Effect 3! Witcher 2!

Feature | Cheap This Week - 01/06/11

Battlefield! GTA! Broken Sword! AssBro!

Feature | Battlefield 3

Modding warfare.