Battlefield 2142 News

Battlefield is going to be a TV series

Company behind True Detective involved!

50 EA games will have their servers shut down

But "still investigating community-supported options".

Battlefield 3 Easter Egg points to Battlefield 2143

Battlefield 2142 sequel on the cards?

Battlefield 2142 update adds free maps

Northern Strike DLC now open to all.

DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

EA fixing Battlefield servers

Expects them up around midday.

BF2142 unlocks weekend

Use all the upgrades.

EA to expand BF2142

With Northern Strike.

DICE reacts to BF2142 issues

Some solutions, some pledges.

Battlefield 2142 demo

Conquest and Titan modes.

Battlefield 2142 demo plans

Open beta to begin in August.