Battlefield 2042 News

Battlefield 2042 fans upset at leaked Santa Claus skin

UPDATE: DICE suggests skin is limited to special event, now may not be used this year at all.

Battlefield 2042's opening weekend has been a disaster

Hard crashes, server issues and persistent problems plague the early launch.

DICE to rename Battlefield 2042 skin that "unintentionally" references Russo-Ukrainian War

"... you've helped us to make a positive change in the game."

Battlefield 2042 features series' first non-binary character

Four new Specialists add much-needed diverse representation.

Battlefield 2042's standard edition will now let you play across both generations

'Dual entitlement' coming to both PlayStation and Xbox.

Battlefield 2042 beta reportedly pushed back to October

Following game's delay to late November.

Everything announced during EA Play Live 2021

Dead Space! Grid Legends! Battlefield Portal! More!

Battlefield 2042's 'love letter to its fans' leaks ahead of tonight's reveal

Details emerge of map editor that mashes together eras.

Battlefield 2042 PC and console cross-play detailed

Cross-progression and "cross-commerce" also confirmed.

Here's when EA Play Live will take place

Battlefield! Apex! BioWare? FIFA.

Hackers reportedly steal FIFA 21 and Frostbite source code

No player data was accessed, EA insists.

Battlefield 2042's standard edition is 10 cheaper on PC and last-gen consoles

Here's what you'll pay for each version and platform.

This year's Battlefield is the work of four EA studios

With a fifth making a separate Battlefield for mobile.