Battlefield 2

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Battlefield is going to be a TV series

Company behind True Detective involved!

Battlefield, a series famed for its multiplayer battles and not its ropey stories, will be turned into a television show. Anonymous Content, the company responsible for hit TV series True Detective, will be in charge, collaborating with Paramount and EA to make it happen.

Huge Battlefield 2 patch finally released

Huge Battlefield 2 patch finally released

Plus: AI reworked in Empire: TW update.

EA has released an enormous 2GB patch for ageing online shooter Battlefield 2. And, what ho, Creative Assembly has dated and detailed a much-needed update for Empire: Total War as well.

The Battlefield 2 patch makes expansions Armored Fury and Euro Forces free for all, on top of adding Highway Tampa and Blue Pearl maps. Plus, BF2 now works with Windows Vista, supports widescreen and can use more than 2GB of RAM.

Battlefield 2 may be over four years old, but with age comes fewer bugs, as well as system requirements less demanding on today's PCs. The Battlefield 2 website can tell you more, as can our original BF2 review.

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New Battlefield 2 patch test by Christmas

New Battlefield 2 patch test by Christmas

With Santa comes beta 1.5, says DICE.

DICE hopes to start an open beta for Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 before Santa stuffs himself down chimneys.

"The beta would be for everyone that wants to install it, the more people that do the better feedback we get and we don't have an update 1.30 again," said a spokesperson for the developer on the official forum (spotted by Blue's News).

"The plan is to get it out before Christmas yes."

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DICE doing five Battlefield games

Including a "core" console title.

DICE exec Ben Cousins has confirmed that the team is currently working on no less than five titles in its Battlefield franchise, according to

EA fixing Battlefield servers

Expects them up around midday.

Those of you experiencing problems when trying to play Battlefield 2, 1942 and 2142 online will be pleased to know that EA is aware of the problem, and normal service should resume around midday.

BF2 patch delayed

BF2 patch delayed

They found a bug.

EA has walked back the Spanish announcement that Battlefield 2's 1.4 patch would be released yesterday, revealing that a problem discovered during "final processing" led to an unexpected delay.

"As many of you are now aware we have made the choice to take some extra time with the 1.4 patch before release," said an EA community bod sweeping low over the internet. "During our standard final processing of the 1.4 client update we came across an issue that, although it does not compromise stability, we felt needed to be addressed in order to meet our goal of improving the overall player experience," the statement continued, before rolling into an advisory about the dangers of downloading beta patches.

Expect more information on the 1.4 patch, which Comcast will certainly be waiting for as it includes their sponsored Road to Jalalabad map, and its contents in due course. One thing you can emulate now without the need to wait is the "no-vehicles" server setting. To experience this, walk.

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BF2 patch tomorrow?

BF2 patch tomorrow?

EA Spain reckons so.

The Spanish arm of Electronic Arts is reporting that the promised 1.4 patch will be released tomorrow, August 15, following a successful spell in beta testing.

As you may recall, 1.4 adds a new map, Road to Jalalabad, along with a no-vehicles server option and a few bug-fixes mumble mumble.

So if you've been holding off giving it a bash while everyone else does EA's job for them, you won't have long to wait until it's all legit.

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Help test Battlefield 2 1.4 patch

Help test Battlefield 2 1.4 patch

New map and no-vehicles mode.

EA and DICE are inviting Battlefield 2 fans to help beta-test the game's 1.4 patch.

Available from official sources, the patch (138MB for the incremental update, 522MB for the big one) will allow you to try out the new "No Vehicles" server setting on maps from Battlefield 2 and its Special Forces add-on.

You'll also be able to get your first taste of the new "Road to Jalalabad" urban warfare map.

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New Battlefield 2 map coming

Will be released with next patch.

DICE has announced that a new patch is currently in development for hit PC shooter Battlefield 2 - and that it'll offer new content as well as bug fixes.

Battlefield 2 roll-back planned

Latest patch is causing problems.

EA and DICE have announced plans to initiate a roll-back for the latest Battlefield 2 update, following problems with the server browser.

Battlefield 2 patch plans

Battlefield 2 patch plans

Co-op for solo levels, more.

The next Battlefield 2 patch will introduce networked and online co-operative options for single-player levels and airdropped vehicles, among other things.

That's according to a community update to EA's Battlefield 2 site, which also lists a few of the bug-fixes patch 1.3 will deal with.

The co-op stuff will allow you to play BF2's single-player levels with a mixture of human and AI players, and there'll be server options to modify bot behaviour, too. Presumably of the form "stop nicking Mugwum's helicopter you sod". [Check]

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New Battlefield 2 patch detailed

New Battlefield 2 patch detailed

Thorough testing planned.

DICE has announced that "great progress" is being made on the latest patch for Battlefield 2 - but there's still no word on exactly when it'll be released.

According to the official game website, patch 1.21 will ensure that screen capture works and the server browser can filter by map name.

It will also address performance problems with specific ATI cards, and fix a crash bug that occurs when you attempt to use the Hummer with TOW in the Special Forces expansion. Plus, the number of Claymores you can drop simultaneously has been lowered to two.

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EA to sponsor i27 BF2 tourney

Want to win five grand?

EA has stepped up to sponsor the Battlefield 2 tournament at the latest I-series LAN party this April - with a £5,000 prize fund now available for competitors to fight over.

New Battlefield 2 patch out

New Battlefield 2 patch out

Say hello to version 1.2.

EA has released a new patch for tip top PC shooter Battlefield 2 - and it's now available for download via Eurofiles.

The patch features all manner of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks - you can no longer dolphin dive or jump and shoot at the same time, for example, and hit points on all air vehicles have been reduced.

Helicopters carry eight missiles instead of 14, TV-guided missiles have a shorter range, and you can no longer destroy mines with other explosives. There have been adjustments to all sniper rifles and loads of other weapons, including the Sa80, G3A3 and M134. You can now reload while sprinting, and medics will be pleased to hear that their defibrillator paddles will reload while not in use.

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Buy Battlefield 2 add-on online

Pre-download for $29.99.

Electronic Arts has announced that new expansion pack Battlefield 2: Special Forces is now available to buy and download via the EA website.

Battlefield 2 patched to 1.3

Battlefield 2 patched to 1.3

Wake Island map, new features.

EA and DICE have released patch version 1.3 for Battlefield 2, which takes care of a number of bug fixes and gameplay tweaks (for details of which we'll refer you to the readme.txt) as well as introducing some interface additions and, clearly the highlight, a remake of the Wake Island map from Battlefield 1942.

The patch, weighing in at 165MB, is available now from Eurofiles.

Wake Island has been redone with a 64-player layout and is for multiplayer only. Speaking in one of its community updates on Friday, EA described it as a "modern-era update of one of the most popular maps from BF1942".

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BF2 stat-padders stopped

By a very cross EA.

Electronic Arts is taking a stand against naughty Battlefield 2 players who've been using shady tactics to improve their stats.

Battlefield 2 Night concludes

Eurogamer and EA versus the world. Well, you lot. Join us!

UPDATE 04/08: Thanks to everyone who joined in last night! And apologies to anybody who had the misfortune of riding shotgun in yours truly's jeeps. Always an ill-fated position.

EA and EG to kill readers again

Another Battlefield 2 night!

Following the success of last week's Battlefield 2 event, which saw various skilled employees of Electronic Arts UK join forces with various predictably inept and useless members of the Eurogamer team, we've decided to do it all again!

BF2 security problems fixed

And new patch out next month.

EA says it has fixed a security problem with the Battlefield 2 servers which unlocked all the weapons in the game for the owners of five million randomly selected accounts.

Battlefield 2: EA and Eurogamer Vs The World server details

UPDATE 22/07: This event is now over. Thanks to everyone who joined in!

Those of you looking forward to this evening's Battlefield 2 event will be pleased to hear that we still plan to run it despite today's peculiar and as-yet unexplained events in the centre of London. Tony Blair says we should get on with our business, after all. So here are the details.

This evening Electronic Arts' finest Battlefield 2 players will be uniting with our own weak, feeble and untrained staff to take on all comers on a server called " :: EA EG Vs The World". You can filter by that name using the in-game server browser, or address it directly at the IP address, port 16668.

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BF2 case mods unveiled

German man takes EA's cash.

Top tech-head website Bit-Tech is showcasing some impressive Battlefield 2 case mods by German architecht Oliver König.

New BF2 patch released

New BF2 patch released

This one works, says EA.

A new patch for PC shooter Battlefield 2 is now available for download.

EA is promising that this one should do the trick, following last week's announcement that the previously released v1.01 update could cause problems on some systems and should not be installed.

Forum noise suggests more still needs to be done, but for now you're encouraged to apply the new patch.

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Battlefield 2 expansion

Battlefield 2 expansion

And first official details revealed.

EA and DICE Canada have confirmed that an expansion pack for Battlefield 2 is currently in the works and should be with us this autumn.

According to an article on IGN, Battlefield 2: Special Forces focuses on infantry combat and features six new team types: SAS, Navy SEALs, MEC Special Forces, Spetnaz and two insurgent factions (one modeled on the MEC, the other originating from Russia).

Lead designer AJ Marini told the website that you'll feel like a "super soldier" now, thanks to the addition of gadgets and abilities that have never been seen before.

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Eurogamer and EA to kill readers

Battlefield 2. Next Thursday.

Eurogamer and Electronic Arts are happy to announce that next week we're going to kill you all. Or, more likely, you're going to kill all of us.

BF2 patch needs patching up

Electronic Arts has advised Battlefield 2 fans to dump the patch they downloaded last week after it turned out that a memory leak was causing problems "on some systems".

Speaking in a community update on the game's official website, EA admin type Mike said: "we recommend that you reinstall the game and NOT the v1.01 update we released earlier this week".

He also advised users of the new server files for Windows and Linux to revert to the unpatched version as well.

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Battlefield 2 stats sped up

So says EA type on a forum.

The team behind multiplayer first-person shooter Battlefield 2, released in Europe last Friday, has increased the speed with which game results and stats are reflected on the web, a spokesperson told an online forum this week - to resounding approval.

Battlefield 2

Battlefield 2

Don't bring a gun to a tankfight. Except an anti-tank gun. That's okay.

If Battlefield has a fault, then it's that it doesn't spew golden coins from the top of your monitor when you play it. More realistically, it's that as a multiplayer game which opened up its code to the community, inclusions in the latest edition are things we might have already seen (and become overly familiar with) in a mod capacity. If it wasn't for Desert Combat, the modern setting alone would be enough to make people queue up to reenlist in a Battlefield sequel. As it is, we're a little harder to impress. Basic limitations like a smallish selection of maps and that there's only one game mode included also makes hackles rise. It's lucky that the beauty of Battlefield is in the details.

Obviously, technologically the game's a huge step forward. Graphical fidelity is one thing, but its things like the vehicle's physics which really impress. The sensation of skidding a buggy down a side road while trying to get the hell out of there before a tank manages to turn its turret on you is absolutely impeccable. Speaking generally, the vehicle additions like expanded-used helicopters and fighter jets add to the tactical possibilities of the conflict. Admittedly, until you master them, these tactical possibilities mainly involve crashing into a hilltop at high speed, but that's beside the point. Oh - and a quick note to everyone. Do master both of the flying machines before trying it on an open server, because if you don't and I'm in it when you crash, I'll explode your head with my enormous telekinetic powers. Truth.

Three sides are included: the popular US Marines, a Middle-East coalition and top-commies China. For ease of play and to help reinforce American feelings of fear and vulnerability, they have fairly equivalent powers. Most interesting are the character classes which you get to play. Seven are included, with a skillset expanded from previous games. We have Special Forces (Best thing: Satchel charges), Assault (Best thing: Under-gun grenade launcher), Snipers (Best thing: Oh, use your head), Engineers (Best thing: If they're doing their job, fixing stuff. If they're moonlighting, anti-tank mines), Medics (Best thing: Being the ibuprofen dispenser which walks on two legs) and Support (Best thing: Er… well, we'll get back to that one. Perhaps that the Machine Gun makes a nice noise?).

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Battlefield 2 demo

Play against other EGers!

A new demo for Digital Illusions' Battlefield 2, the sequel to hit PC shooter Battlefield 1942, is now available on Eurofiles.