Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory

Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory

"Engine trouble. Returning to base. Over."

In the summer of 1940 if you were in the German army there was a good chance you were sat in NW France waiting to go on a short boat trip. The reason that boat trip (codenamed Operation Sealion) never happened is the subject of this potentially excellent flight simulation.

'Potentially excellent' is not a phrase we thought we'd be using in this review; it's not a phrase we hoped we'd be using in this review. Because Wings of Victory is basically a beautified re-release of a much-loved five-year-old air combat classic (Rowan's Battle of Britain) excellence should really have come as standard. Instead Shockwave, in the process of adding attractive new aircraft models, cockpits, scenery and particle effects appear to have introduced a swarm of new bugs too.

If these bugs were small - a misaligned texture here, a briefing typo there - then we'd happily forgive and forget. Sadly they are actually rather large - lock-ups, crashes, mysteriously low frame-rates - the kind of stuff that drives a man very quickly back into the arms of Forgotten Battles and Pacific Fighters. To be fair it seems that not all WoV users are experiencing the problems we've run into. For every frustrated pilot venting on the official forum there's one satisfied customer smugly reporting that everything is tickety-boo.

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