Batman (Telltale)


Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxies looks likely for Switch

UPDATE: Nintendo confirms Batman and Guardians are on their way.

Telltale's Batman season finale due next week

First episode now free on Steam. New PC patch too.

Telltale's Batman Episode 4 due next week

The Dark Knight strikes again.

Telltale's Batman gets second episode release date

Children of Arkham born later this month.

Telltale's Batman is getting slammed by Steam reviews over buggy PC port

UPDATE: Patch released, Telltale reckons it's worked out what's going on.

Telltale's Batman series has a release date and trailer

Watch the first footage of the Dark Knight in action.

Telltale's Batman launches August for download, September on disc

Warner Bros. will distribute, along with The Walking Dead Season 3.

Telltale's Batman reveals first screenshots

Starring Troy Baker as the Dark Knight.

Telltale's Batman series is premiering this summer

Will be M-rated, features as much Bruce as Batman.

Telltale is making a Batman series

The Dark Knight strikes again.