Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Batman Begins

Batman should have taken it a bit further.

Batman Begins is quite aptly named. Because, you know, it's a game of that film [which last night someone described as "the best film in the last 90 years". Discuss - Ed].

Also because it's a game that takes up quite a few ideas - 3D platforming, third-person fisticuffs, really simple logic-based gadget puzzles, stealth killing, driving and the like - all of which are the beginnings of an interesting game, but never really evolve into anything.

The over-arching idea is that Batman's job is to strike fear into the hearts of villains by building up a myth, a terrifying icon - a kind of Kaiser Soze of Gotham City. Obviously this is an intriguing premise, and word has it that the film does a very good job of exploring it. The game, however, only begins to explore it.

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