Batman: Arkham Knight Guides

Batman: Arkham Knight - Cloudburst, relay drone, Drone Hacker, radio towers

Our Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough continues.

With Alfred's diagnostics now complete, it's time to see find out more about Arkham Knight's defences. Board the Batmobile, follow the waypoint back to the movie studio and park up when you reach the ground marker. Leave your vehicle, then grapple up the rocks and onto the building rooftop. Once you locate the VIP elevator, head inside and ride down to the quarantine zone. Finally, activate the Batcomputer to continue.

How to unlock every AR Challenge in Batman: Arkham Knight

A complete guide to when and how you can unlock each one.

You'll be able to unlock quite a few fun AR Challenge as you work your way through Batman: Arkham Knight, but you'll need to have reached a certain point of the main story before each one becomes available. You might also have to complete a special pre-requisite too, even if you've reached or gone past the appropriate stage in the game.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Founder's Island Riddle solutions

How to find and solve every Founder's Island Riddle.

There are a total of ten different Riddles to solve in the Founder's Island region of the game. Here's how to finish off the lot of them. If you're struggling to finish off the Riddles in a different section of Arkham Knight, check the links at the bottom of this page.

Batman: Arkham Knight Riddle solutions

How to track down and solve the game's fiendish collection of Riddles.

You'll find special Riddles to solve throughout each of the game's main regions. To solve each one, you'll need to scan in the nearby building, item or feature that you believe corresponds to the particular Riddle. To scan the object simply hold Up on the control pad.

Batman: Arkham Knight - Stagg Enterprises, airship, watchtower

Our Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough continues.

Now that you've temporarily escaped the militia's clutches, it's time to head to Founders' Island. Unfortunately, the long-range radar and missile launchers in the area will detect and destroy the Batmobile the second it rolls on in. As such, you'll need to proceed without your trusty ride.

Batman: Arkham Knight walkthrough and guide

Our essential guide to the concluding part of Rocksteady's story.

Six years after it all began in the claustrophobic confines of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady sees out its Batman storyline with Arkham Knight - an expansive, rich open world adventure that sees the story out with the finest flourish. The Batmobile's along for the ride for the first time, and so is the kind of shininess we associate with the new generation of consoles, but more importantly Batman's back in all his bruising, brutal glory.