Batman: Arkham Asylum News

AT&T looks to have changed its mind about selling its gaming studios

"Warner Bros. Interactive remains part of the Studios and Networks group."

Microsoft eyes Warner Bros. Interactive acquisition - report

Would include studios behind Batman, Mortal Kombat, Lego.

Amazon UK leaks Batman Arkham Collection Steelbook Edition

UPDATE: Rocksteady confirms PS4 exclusives won't come to Xbox.

Alien Isolation joins Batman Arkham on Xbox Game Pass tomorrow

Plus: Headlander! Mickey! Walking Dead! Soon.

Rocksteady isn't developing Superman and won't be announcing anything at The Game Awards

It's not a bird. It's not a plane. And - "spoiler - it's not Superman".

Breaking up with Batman

Rocksteady talks VR and its future away from the Arkhamverse.

Batman: Return to Arkham out this October

New video offers PS3 / PS4 comparison.

Batman Arkham HD Collection revealed via leak

UPDATE: Batman: Return to Arkham pops up on PEGI.

Get every Batman: Arkham game on Steam for $10

Offer valid until Wednesday morning.

Batman: Arkham Collection headed to PC, PS3, Xbox 360 next week

Asylum! City! Origins! And all the DLC on PC.

Warner says a new Batman Arkham game will be out this year

Could this be the Silver Age Asylum prequel Rocksteady has been working on?

Steam serial key problems with new Batman: Arkham Asylum purchases

UPDATE: Issue fixed, developer Rocksteady announces.

New Nvidia GeForce drivers for Skyrim, MW3

And for Battlefield 3, Batman: Arkham City.

Irrational influenced by Arkham Asylum

Levine inspired by Batman's structure.

Uncharted 2 dominates BAFTA Awards

Batman: Arkham Asylum wins Best Game.

Robin readied for Arkham Asylum II?

Warner not ruling him out.

Arkham Asylum GOTY with 3D option

Out this month, works on normal TVs.

Rocksteady to make more than Batman

New owner Warner has made plans.

Warner buys Batman dev Rocksteady

To Arkham Asylum 2 and beyond.

Nine BAFTA nominations for Uncharted 2

Plus loads for Batman, Assassin's, MW2.

More free Batman DLC tomorrow

Update: Appears to be on Live today.

Free Batman DLC dated, detailed

Insane Night maps for Thursday.

NPD: PS3 and 360 on equal footing

As DS and Madden romp results.

Free Batman DLC next week

On PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

UK chart: Batman wings again

As PS3 Slim launch shakes list.

UK charts: Batman straight in at the top

Eidos' knight in shiny armour beats Lara.

PSN update: Smash Cars, Battle Tanks

Plus Buzz! Home space and loads of DLC.

Get Batman: Arkham Asylum PC free

When you buy an Nvidia GeForce card.

Batman PS3 unlocks Batcave in Home

Well, it does in America anyway.

Batman: Arkham Asylum slips on PC

Realistically, thanks to PhysX inclusion.

Batman: Arkham Asylum demo coming

To PS3 and Xbox 360 this Friday.

Batman bonus for GAME pre-orders

Special level with Scarecrow in it.

Livingstone sees "no room for mediocrity"

"Roast duck or no dinner" for Eidos this year.

Batman: Arkham Asylum dated

Discharged in late August.

Eidos expects Batman to score in the 90s

Plus: next TR to "reinvigorate" franchise.

Batman: Arkham Asylum delayed

Won't be out till "late summer" now.

Joker exclusive to Arkham Asylum PS3

"Nothing's sacred to those devils."

Eidos doing "incredibly dark" Batman title

Arkham Asylum for PC, 360, PS3.