Barrow Hill

Barrow Hill

Barrow Hill

Cornish wafer thin point and clicker.

It's not every week you get to play a horror adventure set in the Cornish wilderness. As the movie-style ratings blurb didn't say: "Contains disturbing images, sustained levels of suspense and very thick clotted cream teas." Nothing quite so tasty, I'm afraid.

In this rather traditional point and clicker, you find yourself in a broken down car, presumably after driving nine hours straight looking for a 24-hour cream tea shop. But rather than being able to call up the AA roadside rescue and sit patiently trying to beat your Zoo Keeper Time Attack score, you notice the narrow lane behind you has been somewhat inconsiderately blocked by a pair of standing stones and a rippling dimensional barrier between them. Kids today.

The only way is onwards, up the narrow lane smothered by dark forest on both sides, where you reach a remote service station and Barrow Hill itself, an ancient stone circle in the wilderness of the deepest darkest West Country.

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