After five years, turn-based strategy hack-and-slash hybrid Aztez launches

After five years, turn-based strategy hack-and-slash hybrid Aztez launches

Now on Steam. Coming soon to PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

Way, way back in March of 2013 I covered a promising mishmash of genres called Aztez. Part turn-based strategy game about conquering an Aztec empire, and part real-time hack-and-slash 2D action, Aztez showed a lot of promise. Now, 4.5 years on, Aztez has finally come to fruition and launched on PC, Mac and Linux.

The premise is simple: players must deploy limited quantities of troops to claim various pieces of terrain in an overworld map, like many strategy board games. The difference is that in Aztez battles are fought through real-time sidescrolling brawls with a robust combat system consisting of multiple combos and weapons. The campaign is meant to be played multiple times with procedural generation altering the sorts of challenges you come up against.

For more detail, developer Team Colorblind's Ben Ruiz provides a succinct one minute breakdown of Aztez's core gameplay loop in the following video:

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