Async Corp.

App of the Day: Async Corp.

App of the Day: Async Corp.

A game of two halves.

Did you know that BP gets angry if you call it British Petroleum? Because, get with it grandad, that company is now Beyond Petroleum! This new marketing line and the accompanying sunflower logo in crisp green and white is typical of a large-scale corporate branding exercise; where a company that doesn't want to change its planet-ruining ways instead does the equivalent of slapping a smiley face on its HQ. Perception, rather than reality.

Async Corp has more than a whiff of this, being a puzzler that's gently themed as a corporate box-ticking exercise: it feels almost prophetic, to the extent you expect a popup congratulating you on "service excellence" after an especially good run. The game's all about making 'packets' out of two grids filled with colour squares. You can switch any single square with one from the other, and when four of them form a cube, or even more make up a rectangle, they pop together instantly into a single packet.

These can be tapped to be 'sent', which is how you score, or left in an attempt to add to their dimensions, the ultimate size being the eponymous Async. Simply doing this for its own sake is a pleasure, both for the way squares instantly gloop together into bigger packets and the satisfying chunk as one's sent off and the replacement squares fall into the new gap. It's all about how well your thumbs and brain work together, as you work out future switches and coax the grid into the kind of setups that a few quick changes will turn into packet heaven.

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