Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

App of the Day: Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

A general problem among fantasy games is they have incredibly crap titles. It's pretty hard to work yourself up to play something called Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, because it's a formulaic title that suggests the game itself will be similarly uninspired, full of beardy dwarves and willowy nymphs. Ascension has beards, sure - but the game they hide is beautiful.

This is a deck-building card game with hundreds of antecedents, but the one that matters is Dominion. As there, you begin with a deck of 10 bog-standard cards and use them to bag ones from various sections of the board - these cards then enter your discard pile, and crop up in future hands. Your hand is used to build up as much mana and/or power as possible, and these stats are then what can be used to defeat or acquire any of the five cards in the middle of the board.

Building your hand is a tricky business, entirely contingent on what the board shows. Including the expansion 'Return of the Fallen', there are four types of hero cards (Enlightened, Lifebound, Mechana and Void) each of which leans towards a specific playstyle. It's essential to build a deck containing cards that work together, in other words, to enable you to stack abilities and squeeze as much juice as possible out of every turn.

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