Arthur and the Invisibles

Arthur and the Invisibles

Arthur and the Invisibles

King Mob not playable, sadly.

You must play Arthur and the Invisibles. The human race depends on it.

Now, yes, obviously I'm going to need to inject a little melodrama into a review that heralds the next in a long, long line of average movie-licensed platformers, but hear me out. I have a plan. Gather closely.

OK, from what I know of the Godfather of evolutionary theory, Charles Darwin, and his research on the islands of Galapagos (which is, to say, not much) he coined a concept known as natural selection. Nature essentially gives a leg up to those who adapt and survive, wiping out the weakest of the species and changing the strongest for the better. Constantly getting eaten by beasties twice your size? Then divert your evolutionary path towards future generations adorned with spiky skulls and patterns on their backs that look like grimacing faces. Simple really.

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