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Download Games Roundup

Download Games Roundup

Art! Agents! Ancients! Bandits! Juggling!

How inconsiderate is this ludicrously balmy weather? Did they not realise that I don't look good in shorts, and that playing games in 30-degree heat is about as much fun as being forced to listen to miserable football pundits bang on about how useless your football team is?

Even more inconsiderate is the fact that most of this week's selections are must-buys, with at least one that will probably go down as one of the very best WiiWare games to date, if not one of the best download-only titles anywhere. Without resorting to too much spoilerage, I'm sure a quick glance at the big fat 9/10 further down the page will catch your eye, and all I will say is that I may yet regret not giving it full marks.

Elsewhere, a couple of well-deserved eights should also get you scurrying off to download two superb little efforts, both in this instance benefiting from free demos, in case you don't believe me. Even better, some of the titles we've got to look forward to in the next few weeks turn an otherwise game-free summer into probably the most exciting we've ever had. If only someone would just turn down the big beaming death ray in the sky, that'd be marvellous.

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