Arms News

Surprise! Watch today's mini Nintendo Direct here

Arms in Smash! Nintendo eShop exclusives! Ring Fit update! More!

Early prototype of Arms revealed, including a cut bowling mini-game

Yoshi and Link once considered as possible characters.

Arms just got another new playable character

Put a Springtron in your step.

Arms' new character is revealed, and she looks outrageous

And you can play for free this coming weekend.

Arms' new mode lets you play as an even tougher enemy than Max Brass

Plus details on what balance changes are coming with this week's patch.

Arms' first patch adds LAN support and Spectator Mode

Nintendo is doing its best to give Arms legs.

Arms held back from chart top spot

Launch sales lower than 1-2 Switch.

Arms' first DLC character revealed

Max Brass enters the ring in July.

Arms Global Testpunch will refuel with more modes for this weekend

Ninjara, Min Min most popular characters so far.

Arms release date confirmed for June

Joy-Con battery charging peripheral launches same day.

Nintendo Direct announced for this week

Focused on Arms and Splatoon 2.