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Armored Core 5 Review

Full metal racket.

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Apocalyptic mech fighting due 23rd March.

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New From Software developer diary.

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Namco mech fighter for 2012 launch.

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Armored Core 5 Review

Armored Core 5 Review

Full metal racket.

When the PS3 version of Armored Core 5 surfaced in Japan earlier this year, it instantly beat Resident Evil: Revelations to the top of the charts - and even gave the 360 a rare top 10 showing at number six. But despite coming from the same studio that brought us the spectacular Dark Souls, the arrival of a new Armored Core game on our shores will, for the most part, be met with the same enthusiasm as a five pound book token.

However, for those who played the original Armored Core demo and subsequently bought all seven PlayStation 2 games after getting hooked on the thrill of mecha engineering, the release of the 14th instalment raises a couple of questions. One: is it still possible to steamroller through the single-player missions with a tank-spec AC festooned with Gatling guns and grenade launchers? Two: has From Software finally ditched the update mentality by releasing a sequel that shows substantial progression? That's an unequivocal yes on the first count, and a more tentative nod on the second.

Although story has always taken a back seat, Armored Core 5 sticks to the dystopian future setting where mankind has rendered much of the world uninhabitable. Instead of depicting competing companies who hire your piloting skills to outdo each other in underhanded corporate warfare, the game casts you as a member of a Resistance group that's trying to take down the tyrannical "Corporation" and its oppressive army of sinister machines. It's a mechanical story, devoid of human emotion.

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Japan chart: Vita finally outsells the PSP

Japan chart: Vita finally outsells the PSP

Big debuts for Resident Evil: Revelations, Armored Core.

From Software's mech battler Armored Core 5 and Capcom's Resident Evil: Revelations both scored big debuts on this week's Japanese sales chart.

The PlayStation 3 SKU of Armored Core took the top spot, shifting 163,906 units, with Resident Evil close on its heels at number two, with 146,559 sales.

That's a solid debut for the 3DS title, outstripping first week Japanese sales of Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube.

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Armored Core V release date announced

Armored Core V release date announced

Latest from Dark Souls developer out in March.

Mech battler Armored Core 5 launches in Europe on 23rd March for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, publisher Namco Bandai has announced.

Developed by Dark Souls studio From Software, it sees you pitting your fully customisable mech against opponents in massive team-based skirmishes.

There's full online multiplayer alongside a "robust" offline mode.

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Armored Core V delayed to 2012 in Japan

Knock-on effect for Western release?

Armored Core V, the misspelled mech action title from Demon's Souls developer From Software, has been pushed back from a planned October release to January 2012 in Japan, the developer has announced.