Armageddon Empires

Armageddon Empires

Armageddon Empires

Mad Hex: Return to Thunderroll.

There's something about December that makes me crave turn-based strategy. I don't know what it is - some kind of deep grained memory that when you can't go outside it's time to play boardgames or something. While I've been dabbling with everything from Fantasy Wars to (just starting) the New Galacitic Civilization beta, this is what's been dominating.

Dominating everything.

At the time of writing, a copy of Mass Effect sits unopened in the next room. Interviews with everyone from Warren Spector to Blood Red Shoes remain determinedly untranscribed. Rooms remain untidied (though that's a same-as-it-ever-was). It's compulsive, challenging, thought provoking, atmospheric and as generally neat an indie-strategy game I've played since - oooh - Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space. (And while Weird Worlds is more polished, Armageddon Empire has many times more depth.)

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