ArmA II Reviews



Tanker, sailor, soldier, fly.

Are you a time-poor career-focused go-getter? Does your busy modern lifestyle make it difficult to fit in activities like reciting Anglo-Saxon epic poetry, shaving mammoths, and reading lengthy game reviews? If the answer's 'yes' I've got just the thing for you. RCEFOFTTs are Reviews Constructed Entirely From Official Forum Thread Titles. They're brief; they're pithy; they melt in your mouth not in your hand. Here's one for ArmA II, the latest compendious soldier sim from Operation Flashpoint creator Bohemia Interactive Studio:

"Awesome moments. This is real war. Give the AI a medal! The campaign - absolutely incredible! So atmospheric. Landscape almost real. I killed a rabbit! Thank you so much BIS. Heaps of bugs. Buy this game."

BIS does indeed deserve our gratitude. In Chernarus, ArmA II's Georgia-meets-Yugoslavia-meets-Czechoslovakia setting, it's created a seamless battle venue bigger, more beautiful, and more believable than any you care to mention. In the game's staggeringly well-equipped armoury, it's provided dozens of ways to travel around that venue and slay its nastier inhabitants. And, perhaps most significantly of all, in Operation Harvest Red, it's created a single-player campaign that doesn't suck osel varlata. (Look it up in a Chernarussian phrasebook.)

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