Arkadian Warriors

Arkadian Warriors

Arkadian Warriors

Archaic gameplay.

There should be no shame in sticking to a formula. I can bake a cake if I do what Delia tells me. And those cars seem fairly content rolling around on those wheels. Even cheating in exams still works perfectly. So why should Wanako have to make hover boards for Arkadian Warriors? It's just a bite-sized action role-playing game for Live Arcade after all. And so, unapologetically, it hasn't.

Off we go to ancient Greece for a thinly spun yarn about some mythical beasts who saved the land once and are now embodied by three heroes who will be called on to rid the land of the Gorgon, or Medusa as you probably prefer her. These are Warrior, Archer and Mage, representing Lion, Dragon and Phoenix. This is the first big idea; that you can morph into these Alter Egos to stamp around and do massive damage after you have killed enough enemies and filled up your yellow bar. And this is all made to look nice by a cute art style featuring big eyes and heads on small bodies, complimented by a detailed if rather lengthy tutorial text section for newcomers to the genre.

The big ideas stop there. And you should know the rest. Hello can I kill some fantasy creatures for you? Yes here is a portal to the dungeon. Press the attack button lots and then lock-on (not mandatory) to the next beast. Go downstairs when the objective on this level is complete. Boss. Turn into Alter Ego and stamp around. Win and level up and get a new special attack. Quest complete and portal back to town. Get reward and go to shop. Go on new quest. Repeat for more loot if you like. It's tried and tested - a routine others have done rather successfully before. But not here.

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XBLA double tomorrow

GripShift, Arkadian Warriors.

Xbox Live Arcade will be alive with the roar of flying car engines and the steady rumble of subterranean thumping tomorrow when Sidhe Interactive's GripShift and Sierra Online's Arkadian Warriors announce themselves at 9am GMT.