APB News

RTW needs partner to do console APB

Would love to do it "if there's interest".

Console APB would be "a different game"

Realtime Worlds still wants to do it.

MOH in Q3, Crysis 2 and NFS in Q4

APB also down for Q3 in 2010 dates.

APB requires no monthly subscription

Console version being "evaluated".

Jones: APB "has to ship on a DVD"

Not comfortable ditching retail yet.

Realtime to reveal second MMO next year

It's "very ambitious", says APB dev.

E3: Report: APB still heading to 360

Despite no mention in EA release.

E3: EA to publish Realtime's APB

Crime-themed MMO finds a new home.

Realtime Worlds hints at APB for E3

Urban MMO ready to reveal?

Register your interest in APB

If you want to hear first about the beta.

APB is "bastard child" of GTA

Realtime says crime MMO is life's work.

APB isn't Realtime's only game

And it's "not that far away".

Realtime Worlds donates to APB site

Fans get USD 1000 for new server.

"Misconception" that MMOs must look naff

APB looks as good as any, says boss.

Realtime downplays GTA Online talk

As rumours swirl that Rockstar's buying APB.

Realtime Worlds goes it alone with APB

Buys back distribution rights from Webzen.

APB coming to PS3 too?

"We'll be looking seriously at it."

Realtime Worlds gets USD 50 million

Major funding for Crackdown, APB developer.

Jones shows off APB features

Puts Miyamoto in comedy pants.

APB concept trailer

Now on Eurofiles.