Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition

Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition

Few games have left such a lasting impression on its audience as Another World. Almost entirely the work of one young Frenchman, Eric Chahi, it was a completely different type of videogame in 1991. One that was dark, dangerous and eerie at times. It was a lonely experience, and an exceptionally harsh journey, but an utterly compelling one all the same.

Heavily influenced by the graphical style of Jordan Mechner's Karateka and Prince of Persia, and rotoscoping animation techniques, Chahi managed to build on these efforts with impressive style. He didn't use static images or words to convey what happened in Another World, but that only added to the feeling of being dangerously at odds with your surroundings. Literally forced to sink or swim at the outset, almost every scenario from that point on serves as a severe test of your wit and will to live.

Another World was - and still is - a perilously frustrating game. After enormously impressive animated intro sequence (truly the best anyone had attempted back in 1991), you were left with no choice but to help Lester, the game's red-headed protagonist, climb out of the deep pool or be dragged under by hungry tentacles. And from there on you're left to plot an unlikely path freedom via crumbling caverns, deadly prisons and even a sporting arena.

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FeatureAnother World: 15th Anniversary Edition

Eric Chahi on the return of his influential masterpiece.

Another World wasn't your typical early '90s videogame. Almost entirely a solo project, visionary young Frenchman Eric Chahi fused his artistic talents with his programming nous to deliver one of the most memorable videogames of the 16-bit era.

Another World coming to mobile phones

Telcogames grabs 16-bit classic.

All-time 16-bit classic Another World is to receive the mobile phone treatment some 14 years after the classic Delphine-developed title was initially released on the Amiga to worldwide acclaim.